How to Get Ready for Spring: Top Toro Lawn Mower Parts to Check!

toro wheelhorse parts
Spring is simply around the corner and you are able to drag the old mower out and obtain it ready to use. Before you start it up, there are some things you need to check in order to prolong the life of the mower and keep it running properly. This is a checklist to help you get ready for Spring with the top Toro lawn mower parts to check on.

The Toro lawn mower has several parts that needs to be inspected before with all the tool in order to prevent any injuries from damaged or defective parts. Temperature fluctuations during the winter months as well as normal deterioration could cause certain parts to rust or weaken as time passes. Spending a few minutes looking into the lawn mower parts can save you money and keep you safe through the operation of the mower.

* Inspect the pull cord for signs of deterioration.

Spending time being forced to replace a pull cord to obtain the mower started could be frustrating. Check out the cord in advance and replace it if needed so you wont have to deal with it when you are rushed for time.

* Drain any old gasoline out of the gas tank.

Sediment can build up in the old gasoline which can create problems with the carburetor. Drain the old gasoline from the tank by placing a clear chair container under the tank and taking out the gas line to empty the fluid. Get rid of the gasoline your local recyclers.

* Inspect the mower blades for signs of rust or deterioration.

Before turning the mower up to inspect the blades, disconnect the spark plug wire from your spark plug to stop the mower from starting accidentally when you are turning the blades. After the wire has been disconnected, turn the mower over on its side carefully and visually inspect the blades. Check for any indication of rust or damage which could prevent the blades from in working order. Replace the blades if required. Also check the cutting edge to see how sharp the blades are. When it has been a while, remove the blades and have them sharpened or replace the Toro mower blades with a new set to make mowing the lawn easier.

* Inspect the belts for indications of cracking or wear.

Belts can deteriorate from modifications in weather or start to crack from usage. Look at the drive belts and replace them when there is any sign of wear. It's a good habit to go ahead and replace them at the start of the Spring season anyway to help keep the mower running properly.

* Replace the filters.

Once you have checked out the blades and belts and verified that they are ready for use, turn the mower back upright and check the air and fuel filters. It's generally a good idea to replace these filters at the start of the season since they are fairly cheap to replace and clean filters may help your Toro mower run more proficiently.

* Inspect the wheels.

Roll the mower backwards and forwards a few times, watching the wheels for almost any signs of wobble or damage. If there is any indication that the wheels are damaged, replace all of them with new wheels. This will help prevent any frustration with to replace the wheels when you are in the middle of cutting your lawn.

* Inspect the Toro mower housing and frame.

Visually look into the frame and housing for any signs of cracks or wear. Small rocks and fragments may be thrown up through voids inside the housing, causing injury or property damage. Verify that the housing is in tact and the frame isn't loose from the mower.

toro wheelhorse parts
Once you have inspected and repaired the Toro mower, fill the vehicle's gas tank with fuel and you're ready for Spring plus a season of maintaining your lawn safely.